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The American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine

ABORM Exam Requirements:
2 Year License: Applicants must have been licensed for two years prior to sitting for the ABORM Examination AND include documentation that verifies the date of issue of their license to practice 
with their application. Applicants may register for the ABORM Examination prior to the two-year 
minimum as long as their license will have been valid for 2 years prior to taking the Examination.   Please speak with ABORM directly for all updated requirements.

All applicants must complete 45 hours of ABORM- Approved Continuing Education Units/Hours related to the field of Reproductive Medicine and Infertility prior to sitting for the ABORM Examination.

The following ProD recorded online courses and live webinars are approved for acupuncture CEUs and ABORM certification by the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.

Please always check the ProD website for the most updated list of courses.
1 The Five Shen in Ba-Zi Astrology & Tongue Diagnosis Amy Neuzil, Becky Andrews 6 $150.00 ABORM Exam Prerequisite
2 Medical Errors Prevention: Increasing Safety, Decreasing Risk Amy Sear 2 $50.00 ABORM Exam Prerequisite
3 Safety in Acupuncture Therapy: Risk and Harms Brandon Horn, Brandon Horn and Wendy Yu 12 $299.99 ABORM Exam Prerequisite
4 Acupuncture strategies to dramatically improve IVF success Brandon Horn, Brandon Horn and Wendy Yu 22 $499.95 ABORM Exam Prerequisite
5 Optimizing Ovarian Reserve Brandon Horn, Brandon Horn and Wendy Yu 10 $250.00 ABORM Exam Prerequisite
6 Treatment of Male Infertility: An Integrative TCM Approach Chris Axelrad 7 $175.00 ABORM Exam Prerequisite
7 Ethical Practice in Vulnerable Populations Claudia Citkovitz, Debra Betts, Sarah Budd 6 $150.00 ABORM Exam Prerequisite
8 Metabolic Syndrome and PCOS: Integrated Treatment Approaches that Work Dagmar Ehling 6 $150.00 ABORM Exam Prerequisite
9 Treating Inflammation in Children Part One, Asthma and Eczema Elisabet Stener-Victorin 8 $195.00 ABORM Exam Prerequisite
10 A Comprehensive Introduction to Reading Medical Chinese Eric Vander Wal & Bailey Tian Xu 4 $99.95 ABORM Exam Prerequisite