Florida Department of Health

The following ProD recorded online courses and live webinars are approved for acupuncture CEUs by the Florida Department of Health. For more information on Florida CEU requirements, visit the Florida Department of Health website

Must complete hours on the following categories to renew license

General – 21 hours
Biomedicine – 5 hours
Medical Errors – 2 hours
Rules – 2 hours

Please always check the ProD website for the most updated list of courses.
1 The Five Shen in Ba-Zi Astrology & Tongue Diagnosis Aaron Zizov 4 $99.95 Florida
2 Hijacked Hormones: How Permaculture is a Solution to Women's Health Challenges Amy Neuzil, Becky Andrews 6 $150.00 Florida
3 Adaptogens - Modern Biomedical Understanding of Ancient Herbs Amy Sear 3 $75.00 Florida
4 Ethics for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Practitioners Amy Sear 4 $99.95 Florida
5 Medical Errors Prevention: Increasing Safety, Decreasing Risk Amy Sear 2 $50.00 Florida
6 Practical Ethics in Oriental Medicine Amy Sear 2 $50.00 Florida
7 Understanding and Treating the Breast Cancer Patient – Integration on All Levels Amy Sear 16 $399.95 Florida
8 Ethics: Standards of Conduct and Professional Practice Arya Nielsen PhD 4 $99.99 Florida
9 Module 1: The Science of Gua Sha: Anti inflammation and Immune Protection Arya Nielsen PhD 4 $99.95 Florida
10 Module 11: Treating Specific Disorders with Gua Sha Arya Nielsen PhD 5 $125.00 Florida