Treatment of Goiter with Traditional Chinese Medicine

This study was conducted on 72 patients with goiter, having qi stagnation as their diagnosis.

Seventy-two patients with either multinodular or diffuse goiter were enrolled and randomly assigned into treatment group receiving Xing Qi Hua Ying Tang ( XQHYT )(n = 36) and control group receiving Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang (n = 36).

When assessed by both the Chinese medicine criteria and goiter size, the overall effective rate of the treatment group was 91.2%, whereas that of the control group was only 67.7%.

Goiter is not somethingI treat very often in practice, but it is good to see such a positive outcome with this chinese herbal medicine formula.

It is too bad they don’t actually tell you what the ingredients are in this formula, and if you want to know, it costs $51 for 24 hours of access.    Go figure!    It’s time we started to share this type of information.


Xing Qi Hua Ying Tang

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Yang Ming-Li and Lu Bo. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. December 2017, ahead of print.