Patient Accounts Information for Practitioners

What is a Patient Account?
A private secure area where patients can manage their account.

The system allows your patients to:

  1. Pay for Orders Securely
  2. View and Order Refills
  3. View their Order History
  4. Download Invoices/Receipts
  5. View Information Sheets and Dosage Instructions
  6. Save their Credit Card
  7. Option to Charge their CC automatically
  8. Shipping Options
  9. Manage Profile Details

How does my patient register for an account?

There are 3 ways a patient can register for an account;

  1. By invitation
  2. Online Registration
  3. Edit a Patient Record

How to Invite

  • When Practitioner Adds a Patient
  • Select Yes to sending a welcome email.
  • An email will only be sent out to your patient to register.

Note:  An email invitation will only be sent if patient record has an email.

Online Registration

Patient Login:

To Register Online:   Follow Above Link and Click on ‘Register’

Editing a Patient
If you “edit” your patient, you can select “yes” to sending them a welcome email to register.   After you press save, it will give you a notice that a welcome email has been sent to your patient.

What if my patient is not getting the welcome letter to register?
Sometimes email servers block emails or put them into the spam box.   We suggest your patient registers online at   It will then ask them to verify their account by email, and if there is still an issue, the dispensary admin can activate the account manually.

When a Patient Register themselves, how do you know it’s my patient?
We look at information in the patient registration information to match the patient profile to your practitioner account.    During the registration process, if a match is not made or there is more than one possibility ( patient changing practitioners), the patient is still able to register, but they will not be assigned to a practitioner.   The dispensary admin will then manually link the patient and practitioner together.

Do you require a patient to verify their account?
Due to possible fraud and safeguarding sensitive health information, patients are required to verify their account using a double opt-in system.   We cannot allow someone to access another person’s account only because they know a person’s Name, Phone, Email Etc.   We have to ensure the user signing up owns it.

Can my Patients Order a Refill?
Yes, if a refill is available for your patient, it will be available for them to order/complete payment in their patient account.    You can also order a patient a refill in your own account.

Can my Patient update their Addresses?
Yes, Patients can add and edit addresses in their patient account.   These addresses will be available to you in your account.   For each order, they can view, and also change or edit their shipping address.

Can you automatically charge my patient’s credit Card to pay for orders?
Yes, your patient can opt-in to have their saved credit card automatically charged for orders.    Instructions for your patients are available in their account.

Do patients see my markups in their account?
No, your patients do not see your markup amounts in their account.   They will only see the final total.

If a patient orders a refill and I’ve set a markup, do you charge the markup again?
Yes, you will earn the same markup on your patient refills if you set a markup on the original item in the original order.   If you do not want to charge your patient a markup on the second order, you will need to re-order these items for your patient from within your practitioner account.   If you go to order history, you can easily add it to your cart.

Can my patients see their invoices in their account?
Yes, your patient can view and download all their invoices and order information from within their account.

Do Patients see Invoices for orders I have paid for them?
If the practitioner pays for the order, the invoice will not be available to the patient, but the rest of the order will be.   They will be able to see the order date, formula or product name, information sheet etc.