Patient Information

Practitioners add patients to their account and order them formulas and products.  If you are a patient, this page outlines how you can register your account with us and access your information.  Contact us if you have any questions!

How it Works!

Only practitioners can order custom formulas for patients.   Your practitioner can choose to pay for the order and bill you directly, or they may want you to pay us directly.  

1.  If you are paying for the order, you will receive a text message, an email or both to the phone number of email we have on file for you

2.  Click on the link in the email or text message and you will be able to view your invoice and complete the payment.   If your order is being shipped to you, please check your mailing address to ensure it is correct. 

3.  During the payment process, you can modify your shipping and also choose if you want to pickup instead.   If you change your delivery options, please ensure you press save to update your invoice/order.  

4.  Once your payment is processed successfully, you will see a success confirmation page, and also receive an email letting you know we have received your payment.  

5.  Orders are processed within 24 hours after completed payment.   In most cases, your order will be shipped the same day.   

6.  For Custom Formulas, we cannot provide any refund because each formula is individualized just for you.   We are unable to sell your formula to anyone else.   

Late Shipments:

Shipments are sometimes delayed with the shipping carrier.  Even for late deliveries, we cannot provide a refund.    Shipments are sometimes ( rarely) lost by the shipping carrier.  If this happens, we can process an insurance claim with the shipping carrier.  Once the package has been deemed lost by the shipping carrier and the insurance money released to us, we can refund you.  




patients waiting in a practitioners office

Setup your Patient Account

Verify Your Details

Patients can access their personal patient account by verifying their details.   Click here to verify your details and gain access to your account.   Inside your account you can do the following;

Pay for Orders
Order Refills
View & Download your Invoices
View & Download your Labels and Infosheets
Add or Edit your Shipping Addresses & Personal Details
Set Account Preferences

To Verify Your Account:

1. Enter either your email or mobile phone number

2. An email or text message will be sent to your email or phone.   If there is more than one account associated with your email or telephone number, each profile will be listed.  

3. Click on the profile link you want to verify.   Reasons for this may be a parent and child who are sharing a telephone number and email.  


Verify Patient Details Screenshot

Complete Registration

The link you click on will take you to a registartion form for you to fill out. Complete the registration with your preferred username, password and other account details including one shipping address.  

Once registration is complete, you can save more shipping addresses to your account and set other account preferences. 

You will be logged into your account and will be able to access your information

If you require any help with your patient account, please contact us.  

Patient Registration Form