What is a refill?
Refills let you permit your patient to order the same product or custom formula by themselves.  Patients can order refills from their Patient Account.

What are the refill options?
For each refill you need to specify the following:

Number of RefillsThe total amount of refills the patient can order for the item
Refill frequencyHow often (in days) the patient can order the refill.  This stops patients from ordering all the refills at once.   Example-  Every 10 days.
Refill expiry DateRefill Expiry Date –  The last day a refill can be ordered.    There may still be refills available, but if the expiry date is passed, the patient will not be able to order the refill without the practitioners’ assistance.

Am I required to allow a refill on formulas and products
No, you do not have to set a refill for a formula or product.     You always have the option to turn refills on and off.

What are default refill settings?
Default Settings for refills will appear automatically when you are creating custom formulas or adding products to your cart.   This will save you time if you want to set the same settings for all patients.    Default settings can be changed at any time, for any patient, and any item in your cart.    You have full control.

Can I turn refills off for the entire website?
Yes, you can completely turn refills off and they will not appear anywhere on the website.   Turn this option to OFF.   You can turn them back ON at anytime.

Can I turn default settings off?
Yes you can turn default refill settings to off, and no refills values will automatically applied to each product or formula.   You can manually set the refill for each patient and each item in the order as you go.

Can I set refill settings per herb type?
Yes you can set default refill settings for each herb type.  Just choose the following option and enter your refill settings for each tab.

Can I make the refill settings the same for all herb types?
Yes, you can make the refill settings the same for all herb types.   Just choose the following option.

How does my Patient Order a Refill?
Your patient can login to their patient account and order a refill.   Full instructions for your patient are available in their account.     They link to pay is located on their Dashboard & under ‘Refills’ Menu Option.