Chinese Herb Granules

chinese granule herbs

gran•ule: noun \’gran-(,)yül\

Granules are concentrated extracts of Chinese herbs. They are formed by decocting raw herb material, then removing the water by various methods. Granules offer the potency and adaptability of raw herbs without the inconvenience.

Practitioners choose granules because they closely mimic raw herb preparations. They are simple for the patient to administer by mixing with water or other liquid, and can be put into capsules for patients who dislike herb taste.

Premium Suppliers
• Tiang Jiang Pharmaceutical
• San Jiu 999

Third-Party Tested
• Granules are tested for authenticity and potency with microscopic examination, HPLC, and TLC
• Heavy metal testing verified by independent FDA-approved laboratories
• Microbiology testing to ensure the absence of microorganisms and pesticides

Increase Patient Compliance with Herb Dispenser™ Granules
• 350+ single herbs
• 300+ pre-mixed formulas
• Encapsulate Formulas
• Third-party tested
• Easy to take
• Easy to carry
• Dissolve easily in water
• For oral and external use