tinc•ture:noun \’tiŋ(k)-chәr\

A tincture is a liquid extract made by soaking herbs in alcohol or other solvent to extract the active ingredients. The process of making a tincture draws medicinal properties from the herb and preserves them in a liquid form which patients can easily ingest.

Improve Formula Efficacy with Herb Dispenser™ Tinctures  


• 500+ single herbs
• 200+ single Western herbs
• 250+ single Chinese herbs
• Organic and wild-crafted tinctures
• Herb-specific alcohol percentages
• Herb-specific ratios
• Easy to take
• Easy to carry
• For oral and external use

Our Unique Process
• High quality herbs
• Six-week maceration
• Vacuum filtered
• Bottled and stored

Premium Suppliers
• Starwest Botanical
• Organic Connections
• Frontier
• Richters
• Other premium suppliers