Bai Dou Kou

What is Bai Dou Kou?


One of popular aromatic herbs native to Southeast Asian countries, cardamom seeds, or Bai Dou Kou in Pinyin, have many culinary and medicinal benefits. As a raw material of curry powder and a spice in common use, it is widely used for getting rid of unpleasant smells while adding flavors, such as preparing a variety of assorted spiced meat and crispy duck etc.
What are cardamon seeds?
They refer to the seed of cardamon fruit, which is also known as Amomi Kravanh. Based on what they appear, they are also called round white cardamom seeds. The plant, Zingiberaceae cardamom or Java cardamom, grows in tropics. The former one is native to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia and later was introduced to Hainan and Yunnan provinces in China. The latter is native to Indonesia. This plant is similar to ginger herb in nature but with bigger trunk and sturdy tuber in dark aubum color. It looks like banana tree, stems erect, up to 3 meters high. Java cardamom is slightly shorter but up to one meter too.


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